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Pre-refreshment of lievito madre / pasta madre after keeping it a fridge at 4C for a week

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Pre-refreshment of lievito madre / pasta madre after keeping it a fridge at 4C for a week

Has anyone had success in using a combination of RT/fridge method in order to give a 'night rest' for the lievito madre before panettone refreshment?

I am working on preparing my lievito madre / pasta madre to be ready for panettone baking. So far I haven't really managed to bring it to the level I want, so I am reviewing my preparation method. Too many resources - confusing, plus, having 30C as the RT and not owning a chiller to achieve the 16C-night-rest have been a challenge.

From what I understand, in order to really get lievito madre ready for panettone, prior to completing the 3 refreshments every 4 hours, one needs to start refreshing it using a series of daily refreshment and night rest. 

So I do not have a wine fridge to keep the dough at 16C at night, so I have two options: to get a mini fridge which can chill to achieve similar temp, or to opt for a combination of RT and fridge.  The latter idea came from the blog written but Bakonomics guy (, and if the Google Translate is accurate, he said the following:

  1. making a night rest of the yeast of 16h is essential to allow the yeast to purify itself from harmful, non-specific microorganisms, due to the high acidity that is formed. In addition, the acidity spontaneously selects the strongest elements. The rest must be done at 16-18 ° C (both for bound yeast and in water, as long as the latter is held harder). If unable to keep the yeast at 16 °, help yourself with the fridge: up to 20-21 ° leave at RT, at 26 ° leave at RT for 8h and finish in the fridge, at 32 ° 4h at RT and rest in the fridge, at 38 ° 2h at RT and the rest in the fridge;


The RT here in Thailand is 30C, so I should leave it around 5-6 hours at RT, then into the fridge. This morning it seemed to have grown but not x3, this afternoon I will try to leave it longer outside to see how it goes.

i am also a bit confused about the amount of sugar chefs have been using. There seem to be 2 opinions; 2g/liter and 0.5g/liter. I am assuming that the latter is fructose, not sucrose/sugar. And also, when you do such pre-refreshment straight out of the fridge, what the best ratio to mix LM, flour and water. For the first one I opted for 1:2:0.7. The next one - 1:1:0.44 - 0.46.

Anyway, a bit complicated topic, if anyone can share some insights, I would be grateful! Thanks!