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Refreshing Bread for Party

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Refreshing Bread for Party

I'm having an outdoor birthday party for my daughter's first birthday party this weekend. In preparation, I baked 2 sandwich wheat loaves and 2 artisan loaves last weekend and stuck them in the freezer whole. I plan on doing a sandwich/charcuterie board for the party.


I generally bake, slice, and freeze and then just toast slices as needed, but I didn't want to do this for a party so I froze the loaves whole. 


I was planning on taking the loaves out of freezer the night before and just sticking the whole loaf in an over to get the crust crisp again for a few minutes? Any better ideas? Again, it's going to be outside in a park so I can't toast slices as needed. 


Suggestions appreciated! 

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That sounds fine.  I’d also mist spray the loaves for that extra crispy crust.




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I would think wetting the outside would make the crust cook slower-    maybe thats actually it,  that because it cooks slower you get a thinner one???  But wouldnt that be the same as putting it on a lower heat?


No idea, I'm just a complete beginner just taking stabs at this bread business.


Cool forum - thanks everybody. for all the cool advice!

The loaves look cool too -  Ive had some luck (even tho I'm very new) with burnt crusts, they are nice flavour injected extra!