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Been a while.....Weekly Sandwich Loaf

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Been a while.....Weekly Sandwich Loaf

I haven't posted in quite some time, but there is rarely a day that goes by that I don't check in here and marvel at the TFL creations.  I haven't posted, as I was pretty much making the same bread every week, so not much to share.  At some point (early Covid lockdown) I decided to acquire a Pullman pan and work on my sandwich bread.  I've been making this loaf with small tweaks to the flour mix here and there, and just wanted to pop in, share, and say thanks..... without some of the wonderful breads I see posted here, I would not have achieved this kind of result.  My current loaf is my modified version of Maurizio's Pain de Mie Sandwich Bread

Weekly Sandwich Loaf (9" Pullman - USA Pans)

398g AP Flour (Central Milling ABC)

76g Whole Wheat (freshly milled, CM hard red spring)

49g Durum (freshly milled, Great Plains)

14g Rye (freshly milled, CM)

350g Water

21g Olive Oil

35g Honey

9g Salt

87g Active Starter (100% hydration)

(note, my scale died today, and I obviously can't halve a double batch by eye....hence the lumpier loaf on the right that didn't fill the pan.) :)

Keep on baking, TFL, your creations inspire me!  (.....going to try one of Benito's multi-colored creations soon!)



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Hi, Rich. Good to hear from you again. I'm a bit like you in that I only post if I've got a new bake or have a question. The sandwich loaves look good and that's quite a different mix from the original recipe. I've been experimenting with 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf and it took me four trials and tweaks to get a reasonable rise. Experimentation is what keeps me interested.



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Thank you, Gavin.  Yes, I've strayed a bit from Maurizio's formula, but started with his version verbatim to get my bearings and made adjustments from there.  I like this mix of flours, but am also interested to see how different my white winter wheat is that I just opened.  First bag of white wheat for me....


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Hey Rich, long time no see.  Your pullman loaf looks awesome with its sharp corners and edges.  I can't use mine without parchment in it because for some reason the dough gets into the folds and I cannot get it deplaned without a ton of effort.  Hope you are well, your baking is great as always.


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I had to knock those corners off so they wouldn't destroy my bread bag! ;)  I haven't had the dough in the folds issue yet, but I'm sure I will.  I tend to bake a bit sooner, so the oven rise usually just flattens the top with some radius left on the edges.  Since I messed up dividing this time, loaf 1 had plenty of dough to fill! :)