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T65 scores again

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T65 scores again

Outstanding from the ease of working with it to the fragrance, glistening crumb fantastic crust. Not a complaint to be heard. 


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Could I ask for a recipe and a word of advice on working with T65?  I have not had luck getting it to form a really elastic dough.

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I have a Collin who is 46 and a chef! 

This is the Sullivan Bread recipe. Had not made it in many years since it first came out. I increased the proportions to make a 1000 gram loaf. 

It’s so easy and I wanted to just do another yeast based “ quick” bread with this flour. 

I don’t know what problems you have had with the flour. I find it incredibly stretchy and with amazing gluten. I will caution that it’s advisable to hold back some water as it’s not as thirsty as our US unbleached bread flour. 

With both the pizza dough and this loaf I did NO development at all. Simply stirred together the flour water salt and yeast. I dissolve the yeast in the water first . All the gluten was developed with time . Our room temp was 70 degrees. I left it exactly 12 hrs. In a oiled container. Dumped on well floured counter folded a half dozen times and rounded. It was ready by 60 min so plopped into preheated Le Creuset pot. Baked 30 min and uncovered finished for 15. Hope you give it a try. Definitely watch the water. Use less by about 50 g. You can always mist a bit more on the dried bits as you are mixing initially. 
Good Luck c

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Lovely bread Caroline. You've inspired me to try a recent purchase I made, but haven't used yet.

It's a bag of Romanian T65 I picked up in a Polish store because it looked interesting. It may not be Foricher red label, but it was a lot cheaper!



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I am sure you will work your magic and present a lovely bread! I can’t get over the incredible fragrance of this flour as I am adding water and mixing. Truly exceptional. I’ve so many breads in the freezer I’m trying not to start thr baguette journey. More pizza with T65 tonight. Looking forward to your post. c