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Rosemary & Walnut Schiacciata

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Rosemary & Walnut Schiacciata


Rosemary & Walnut Schiacciata From Living Bread by  Daniel Leader

This is the 2nd time making this bread and it was a hit both times. It has a wonderful walnut taste and combined with the rosemary and olive oil it is delicious.

Recipe and process are below.











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And yet not totally obvious. Walnuts and rosemary sound like an interesting combination. Thank you for posting the recipe!

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I always love the colour that the walnut skins give the crumb.  I’ve never eaten schiacciatta before, but it seems like it is very similar to focaccia, except flatter?  I bet it tastes delicious Tony.


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It is similar to focaccia, I just got some  Italian Tipo 00 W Value 250-260 Flour hopefully the rise will be a little better.