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Axis Hybrid Oven

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Axis Hybrid Oven

Has anyone ever used an Axis Convection Oven?  The hybrid model offers steam, and reverse fan, as does a Doyon, but costs under $4000 new.  Exactly what we're looking for to bake artisan bread for the farmers market but the low price makes me wonder about the quality.

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This may be irrelevant since this post is so old, but I just installed the Axis Hybrid+ and did some test baking in it. So far I’m very impressed. I baked country sourdough, baguettes, white/multigrain/swirled rye pan loaves, and bagels. All baked up very well, and I’m excited to what results I can get with this oven after tinkering around with it more!

I’m coming from a home kitchen setup (just a regular single oven) and building out a commercial kitchen to expand my business, so this is a major upgrade for me. I also have a used double deck convection oven, but wanted something affordable with steam injection for my bread since that’s the main focus of my business.