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Couple of Danish Breads?

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Couple of Danish Breads?

An old gypsy swing friend of mine from my playing days saw some breads I'd made and got in touch with me.  He now lives in Copenhagen and describes a couple of breads he loves, a rye and an oatmeal bread of some sort, with porridge.  The bakery is Batting Bakery, and the two breads are:

1. Svedje Rug 50% grød på svedjerug

2. Havrebrød 50% grød på havre


Now, Bing gives me:

1. Sweat Rye 50% porridge on sweaty suction, which I'm sure nails it.  Reverse engineering this thing should prove interesting.

2. Oatmeal 50% porridge on oats.  Boring translation.  I'd hoped for "exploding ankles" or something equally as intriguing.

Anyone know much about either of these breads?

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It's rye grain bread with 50% rye content in it (i.e. 50:50 rye/wheat bread). It means that rye is incorporated in form of whole kernels, not cracked nor milled. 

The other one is oatmeal bread with 50% oat flour (and/or or oat grain/ flakes) and the rest is I assume is wheat flour. 

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You amaze me.  Thanks mariana!