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82% hydration, 50% whole wheat sourdough - crumb issues

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82% hydration, 50% whole wheat sourdough - crumb issues

Hey guys! So I baked this 50% whole wheat sourdough at 82% hydration and I’m glad it didn’t overferment this time. 

Whilst it has the oven spring and ear, I do feel that the crumbs could be more open for a 82% hydration? 

I’m using the recipe by TPL

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Ilya Flyamer

Judging from the picture on the recipe, the crumb could be more open - but the crumb you got is excellent for 50% whole wheat. Unless you were really looking for a very open crumb, I'd be very happy with this bread.

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It will always be difficult to expect the same results in your own bakes compared to that of others.  Our starter and flours are different.  Your loaf looks really great in my opinion and I’d be very pleased if I baked that.


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That's a spectacularly open crumb for 50% whole wheat bread.  Any more open and your jam or mustard will land in your lap.


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I love the crumb you have. No need to get more open IMO. If you want to get a more open crumb, I recommend a digital book "Open Crumb Mastery, 2nd edition by Trevor J. Wilson". You can download it for a small fee.