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Divide dough, but not "shape" it

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Divide dough, but not "shape" it


If a dough was divided like in the video, what would happen if the pieces were just let go through its 2nd rise? What would happen to the resulting bun?

I'm familiar with dividers / rounders. I wonder if the "rounding" part (i.e. shaping) is an essential step to a quality bun?

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It is if you want a nice even round well shaped bun  in the video all its done is portioned the dough pieces. if placed on a baking sheet  as they were you would get rolls but the would likely be uneven both internaly and externally, quite often the dough pieces might have further handling, rolled out and possibly used as pieces of a plait or something along those lines .

Kind regards and welcome from Across the Ditch!   Derek