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yeast cold tolerance

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Jim Burgin

yeast cold tolerance

I am using a formula that suggests leaving yeasted dough (before proofing stage)  in the refrigerator for three  to five days.  My instant read thermometer now on day two shows the dough at 38 degrees F.  Will this be a problem?  Please advise.  Thanks much,  Jim

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No problem, Jim. That is the perfect temperature to keep your dough refrigerated for 3-5 days. The author of the recipe meant exactly that temperature. 

Yeasted dough could and should be refrigerated at 0-8C/32-46F  if you want it to continue to ferment slowly, to accumulate taste and aroma as in your recipe, and at -5 to +5C (23F to 41F) if you simply want to store it for up to 24hrs to bake with it later on. 

These temperatures are safe for yeast and won't affect it at all. It won't freeze at these temperatures. 

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Shouldn't be, I've gone 4 days without issue and didn't think another day would have hurt anything. Enjoy!