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100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf - Debra Wink

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100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf - Debra Wink

Today I baked Debra Winks 100% Whole-Wheat Sandwich Bread from Hamelman’s Bread Edition 3. I never thought that 100% whole-wheat would produce such a soft and pleasantly tasty sandwich loaf. I milled the whole wheat yesterday, but I’m not sure of the protein level as Debra recommends about 14% protein. Debra also recommended some recent changes to the formula and process tweaks for the home baker that I adopted. This was my first attempt and I’m very happy with the result, however, I will increase the dough amount for these loaf pans (21 x11 cm / 8 ½ x 4 ½ inches) as they would be a better sandwich slice if taller.


This was a very different process than what I’m used to and have extended my experience and knowledge.



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That loaf has a very nice crumb Gavin.  Would you mind sharing the formula you used or point me towards the original post of Debra’s?


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Thanks, Benny. The updated formula was sent to me on a PM,  so I've summarised it here. I used hand mixing on this attempt but I didn't develop enough gluten during the first mix. I'm going to use a mixer next attempt and I would recommend it in future.

Milk, egg and water together are the total hydration




Weigh the milk and egg and enough water to make up




to 75% - 375-400 grams (solves the problem of egg size)



Process keys:




·       Develop gluten before adding oil




·       Give the dough two full rises in bulk instead of just one


·       Keep the dough cool to cold for the majority of fermentation (no higher than 23C)



Type of mixer






All except oil/butter





10-20 mins to hydrate




mix to good gluten development






Add oil /butter until incorporated





Final Dough


23 C



Bulk Fermentation





1st rise

length of time

12 hours to at least double




Remove from fridge

Cool room temp, up to 2 hrs if needed




Degas and fold



2nd rise

Rise again

3 to 5 hours cool room temp. Should rise higher







500g doughs









Resting time

20-60 mins as needed






blunt cylinders





Proofing device

oiled loaf pan 21 x 11 x 7cm



Proof & Bake

Final Proof time

Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours hour at 22C









Oven type/temperature

Conventional 190C




Convection 177C




Total bake

25-30 minutes



Happy to answer any queries.



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Thanks for taking the time to share that Gavin, I appreciate it.  I’ll have to wait until fall or winter to try it out given the suggestions to keep it cool.  Summer here is far to warm to maintain the FDT of 23ºC.


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What kind of wheat is this?

I really want the 3rd edition, but I can't justify to myself buying it just yet.

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Wheat used:

Hamelman's 3rd edition is very good and worth the price IMO.



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Nicely done, Gavin. I have the third edition and have been thinking of baking this, but am curious about the updated formula. Where did you find it?


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I mentioned her contribution and formula when someone asked about roasted walnut oil. Debra's 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf was the only one I could think of. To my surprise, I got a PM from Debra with a lot of detail. Apparently, the formula in the book is about two years old and she has continued to tweak it. Consequently, she sent me her latest notes and formula specific to the home baker. That is the one above. Debra is very gracious and generous with her knowledge to which I am thankful. She has a great attitude to sharing.



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Thanks, Gavin. I'm always impressed with the baking community and their willingness to share their knowledge and help others. Debra is very knowledgeable about the science of bread baking and sounds like she's also a very nice person.