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Trying a new flour: Whole white flour

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Trying a new flour: Whole white flour

In my current exploration of the magical - and often deceiving - world of flours, here is my last batch of FoollProofBaking's sourdough bread using 80% Whole white flour (Speerville organic - 80-85% extraction - 13,5% protein) and 20% Whole Wheat (Flourist)

The dough was a real treat to work with: very soft and smooth and strong too! Only 3 coil folds were needed during the bulk

I am very happy with the oven spring and in the end the crumb is not too bad; I was expecting it to be much denser...

And the taste is really REALLY nice! 

80% hydration (I could have pushed it a bit higher)

20% inoculation / Starter 100% 90% bread flour/10% Rye flour

2h autolyze

5h bulk at 26­C with 3 coil folds

Cold retard in the fridge at 3C for 13h

Bake at 250C for 20mn with lid (Dutch Oven) + 15mn at 230C without lid


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If the Speerville flour is whole, how could it be 80-85% extraction?


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This is the info I got from the Company:

 Thank you for your email and interest in Speerville Flour Mill. Our Organic Whole White Flour has a 13.5% protein content.  Yes this is sifted flour. About an 80-85% extraction. Yes it is an excellent flour for sourdough.  

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Beautiful loaf Gaëlle.  I like the scoring, it looks original.  The rise and crumb look fantastic especially for 100% whole grain.  I’d love to give that whole white flour a try, I just cannot find a whole white anywhere in Toronto recently.


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Thank you Benny :-)

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Your artistic scoring made for a beautiful loaf. I love using high extraction flour to get the nutrition and flavor of whole wheat but with a decent rise and crumb. Very nicely done.


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Thank you Richard, I think I'm totally under the spell of that type of flour as well! :-)