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misting prior to baking

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misting prior to baking

Years ago when I worked in a professional bakery, we had an oven that had steam injection for helping the oven spring for the bread.

Now that I am retired and baking at home, I noticed that some of the proofed dough that I made up is drying out on the outside crust prior to going in the oven. I do believe that it was hindering the necessary oven spring for my rolls.

What I decided to do was purchase a small plastic spray bottle and set it to "mist". Now, when I make up my pans, I mist the tops of the rolls and test to see if the are still moist. Just before I pop it into the 420 degree oven, I mist it one more time. 

Not sure if this is making a difference, or not. I kind of remember back in the day that steam tended to produce a harder crust on loaf breads and hoagie rolls. 

Either way, when the rolls come out of the oven, I brush them with clarified butter to help keep them soft. 

Any comments or recommendations?

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In a vented oven this helps.

Best of all is steam encapsulation for the first part of the bake:  A lidded pot, tray,“Dutch” oven, tin foil tent … anything to hold that steam in!!

It knocks all the water spray, tray of ice-cubes, etc. methods out of the park and there is a version to suit every bread type.