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Pandesal ingredient concern

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Pandesal ingredient concern

I have been baking this Filipino dinner-type roll for many years with great results. I usually give them away or trade them with friends and family.

In the times we live in now, I am slightly concerned, regarding one particular ingredient I have always added to the dough. This is Vital Wheat Gluten (VWG).

I am concerned mainly because many people have consumed them and or given them to others. My thought is that they might get eaten by people that have an intolerance to gluten. But, then I thought that the rolls without the VWG still have gluten from the flour.

Should I be overly concerned, or just mildly concerned?

I figured that those with this issue would most likely refrain from consuming them anyway.

Any comments?




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I wouldn't be concerned. As you said, if one is sensitive to it they should know what to avoid. I could say, try dropping the vwg and use a high gluten flour, but same difference as we say in Vermont. Enjoy! 

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Something like 95-99% of people who say they are gluten sensitive are allies, and those who have real gluten problems won't touch a random roll with a ten foot pole.

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Mini Oven

and use your extra egg whites as liquid in the dough.  Test starting off with one egg white per 500g flour.  Just set your cup (or bowl) on the scale, tare to 0, drop in the egg white(s) and add water to the required weight.  See what that does for your bread.  Gives you a chance to use up those extra whites too.  :)