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Why martin´s potato rolls are so hard to mimic?

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Why martin´s potato rolls are so hard to mimic?

Hi, I´ve been searching for a long time for a recipe of martin´s potato bread and I had no luck so far.

I know that martins is an industrial bun, but they are by far the best for burgers and since in my country are not available, I just wanted to recreate a similar style bun.

There are a few copycat videos on youtube, but they are not even close (I've tried them). I´ve tried dough conditioners, potato flakes, turmeric for color, etc.

The best potato bun that I´ve made (this one, in particular, does not say it's a copy of Martins) is Marc Sinclair's recipe, but once again, it´s not even close to a Martins bun.

What I find difficult to believe is that no one has been able to recreate (at least partially) this bun, since its being one of the most famous. 

So, is there someone who knows how to create a similar version?





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Are you "related" to a poster by the name "ckrhodes"  ? A very similar topic was posted  few years ago.

HERE is the link for that. Take a look at the information in those responses as they would apply to your query now. It is probably impossible to emulate a commercial bread and get a 100% match as the textures  they achieve are usually created using additives and methods not available to a home baker. But you can get close.

Start with a good potato roll recipe like Marc Sinclairs and experiment from there.In order to get a shreddable crumb, mix to windowpane. That alone will get you close to the texture. Add another component-such as a tang zhong to get even closer.

If you want to really emulate the ingredient list from Martin's rolls,  use guar gum instead of the tang zhong but do not use much (1/4-1/2 tsp for 3-4 c flour). This (as well as xanthan gum) is often used in gluten free baked products to get a stretchable texture to  the product and it may give you the gummy texture you are looking for. 

I believe that the commercial rolls are sweeter than you think and sugar might be the ingredient you are really responding to. It looks like there might be 10-12% of sugar added to this dough. I don't recall if Marc's recipe had much sugar in it, if any. Try that,also.

Good luck!

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Thanks clazar123 for taking the time and reply to this message.

I am not related in any way to chrhodes but I read that message (that's where I got Marc Sinclair's recipe).

Based on what you said my idea is to add more sugar to the dough (now it's 8.2% and will push it to 12%), add some guar gum and knead to windowpane (marc´s recipe requires little kneading).

thanks, will post when I try a batch.


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Hi there,

I baked the first batch yesterday and I pretty happy with the results. 

I added more sugar (up to 12% of the original recipe), added 1/2 tsp of a combination of xanthan and guar gum for 585 grams of flour, and finally changed potato for potato flakes.

The result is not identical but similar to the Martins bun (sweeter than marcs recipe and chewier)

Here are some pics (the first pic is after being in a bag overnight :-) )

Once again thanks clazar123 for the advice and tips




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So glad that worked for you. Pic looks pretty similar!


Post the final recipe,please.

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Yes, of course.

As I said before, I used Marc Sinclair´s recipe and changed a few things to make them sweeter and chewier. 


Bread flour: 585 grs.

Milk: 200 grs.

Potatoes: 134 grs. (I used instant potatoes, aprox. 110 water + 24 grs of potato flakes)

Potato water: 47 grs (I used regular water)

Butter: 58 grs

Eggs: 50 grs

Sugar: 71 grs

Salt: 14 grs

Instant yeast: 6 grs

Guar +Xhantam gum: ½ tsp 


- Mix everything and knead for 10/15 minutes and let it rest for 30 minutes

- Knead again for 5 minutes and let it rest for 60 minutes

- Stretch and fold, and let it rest for 60 minutes

- Cut into 90 grs. pieces, shape, and let them rise until doubled (1 1/2 to 2 hours)

- Bake at 290 C (374 F) for 15/20 minutes

- Brush with melted butter.