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Exploding sour dough on overnight rise

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The Found Cottage

Exploding sour dough on overnight rise

Hi All,  this is my first time asking a question in this forum.  So here goes.  As you can see, my sourdough exploded out of the bowl on the first rise.  I used the recipe from "Don't Be a Bread Hostage".  I've made this many times before and this didn't happen.  It calls for the bread to rise first on the counter for 12 hours and then 12 hours in fridge after shaping. This is what I woke up to.  Can I still go forward with the recipe? What happened?  The counter is clean, can I use the dough that's leaked out?

Thanks for any help.

Karen at the Found Cottage



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Sourdough has a mind of it's own, and can be more or less active depending how it's been treated, especially with regards to temperature.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.  You can re-use the spilled dough, but if it has skinned-over, fold it in well so the skin will soften and re-absorb.

I always use a polypropylene food bucket that I purchased at the local restaurant supply.  It should have a capacity at least four times the initial volume of dough.  Mine is graduated in litres, and one litre of dough weighs about 1kg or 2lbs,3oz. 


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Not sure what part of the world you are in, completing your profile would be helpful there.  I’d say that it is warmer than it was in the past when you’ve made this.  That extra warm sped up fermentation to the point where it is likely that your dough overfermented.  You can go ahead with the recipe and you can use the exploded dough on the counter since you say it was clean.  However, I wouldn’t plan on baking it freeform and instead I’d probably turn it into a pan loaf or focaccia.  Once overfermented it will likely collapse if baked freeform.  The high acidity from excess fermentation will weaken the gluten so it won’t hold its structure had it not overfermented.

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So its had 12 hours on the bench and then after shaping its placed in the container for overnight fridge. Normally after shaping its in its final stage before baking  with just the retard in the fridge and the dough is either in its baking vessel or tipped out and scored and presented to the oven. Does your dough and method require further manipulation  once it is removed from the container or in this case failed to contain  container?