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Sourdough starter question

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Sourdough starter question

Hi everyone, I making my sourdough starter now already for a week and the starter will not grow at all. I use very good flour mixed with Rye flour 50/50. I keep it in my kitchen cabinet because my house is cold (72F). Has anyone some pointers for me to guide me to succes? I discard 80% of my starter and then feed it with 50 gr water and 50gr flour mix.


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Hi Frank, 

72F is too low for frequent daily feedings. Let it sit undisturbed longer to accumulate the numbers of yeast cells. 

At 72F leave it for 3-5 days undisturbed, covered with a layer of flour to prevent mold growing, and only then resume feeding by taking out 20% and feeding it with the flour of your choice in any proportion you like, whatever your starter recipe tells you. You will see the results right away. 

You can set aside a portion and do it parallel to what you are doing right now. I.e. the next time you are going to remove and feed 20% of today's mix, simply cover the remaining 80% in the original jar with a layer of flour and let it sit for 3-4 days longer, taking out 20% from it underneath the crust on days 3, 4, and 5 to see when it is ready to leaven dough (rising). 

For best results it is better to feed your starter with a portion of whole wheat flour in the mix. Rye flour sometimes lacks yeast and whole wheat is a rich source of wild yeast, so if your blend is of white wheat flour with rye, it is not enough. You need a bit of whole wheat flour in it as well. 

good luck!