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Living up to the name

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The Roadside Pi...

Living up to the name

Hello, friends.

Little Jack Horner

Sat in the corner,

Eating his summer pie;

He put in his thumb,

And pulled out a plum,

And said, "What a good boy am I!"

Cherry Plum pie 

Phase 1. 

I supplemented the farm box cherry plums with 4 small red plums from the supermarket. I was having a devil of a time pitting the red plums. when it was time to start on the tiny cherry plums, I was thinking this is going to be an unholy mess! Then like a freight train it hit me! I broke out my unused still new in the box cherry pitter. It worked like a charm! 

Phase 2.

What you see here is 1500g of premium quality Pate brisee.  I am taking a break while the pastry chills out. The next step is to scale and divide. Once that is completed, I will work on the filling while the pastry chills out again.

Plum pie:

Phase 3 and 4

The pastry is divided and chilling. The filling is done and cooling on a sheet pan for quick heat transfer, (without refrigeration.) The next step is shaping the pie shell and cutting the lattice strips. We are approaching the end game. Time to keep cool and collected.

The end game.

 I am happy with the outcome. The pâte brisée is a plastic fork-tender, buttery and delicious. The filling is soft and juicy while remaining firm. The flavor is sweet-tart and would pair perfectly with vanilla ice cream.


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Nice looking pastry and pie, Will.

I made some pate sucree recently by the creaming method and I find the pastry is prone to tearing unless very well chilled. Also that method uses a lot of sugar which I don't think is necessary when usually the filling already has plenty in.

So I'll be going back to the patee brise next time with a minimum sugar addition.



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The Roadside Pi...

That is the nature of pate sucree, high sugar content. Mr. MWilson turned me on to the book, Michel Roux pastry. I just received it today and was flipping through. Very cool volume! 

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Mini Oven

And it's about time!  ---Was beginning to feel pie tormented!   (Just sprained my knee last evening so I'm a little grumpy.). ( all prayers accepted)  I could go for a nice piece of little ol' pie in the late afternoon shade with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  Mmmmm.

You dealing with the pits reminds me of some peaches I was trying to pit last week.  Almost all of the peaches had split pits.  A real pain to avoid the little woody parts.  Digging around... out came the mellon baller and like your cherry pitter, also proved charming.   Been wanting to pass that tid-bit on.  Mellon baller on apples and pears not bad either.   In China they have tiny apples and saw a tv demo using a metal pen cap to core middles.