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Beginner bread baking struggles

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Beginner bread baking struggles

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and so excited to learn!! I'm curious what your biggest challenges are to baking bread? When first starting, it has usually been understanding the role of all ingredients and how to best proportion everything to yield the results I want.


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Welcome, Aleksa. This is a great site to learn and get advice as there are many proficient bakers here that are able and willing to help. Good luck on your journey.

I suggest you fill in some information on your profile.




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 i also welcome you Aleksa  and if you click on Gavin's and my avatar you will see we are both Bakers in Australia but on different sides of the country and  this groups members are far and wide. Thats why we like to see where our new members are from and possibly share with us a bit about yourself in your profile, its the perfect introduction and more likely to generate a quick response from me 

A bit of a long way back for myself  as Dans says.  i started my baking apprenticeship 55 years ago. but understanding what you are adding to the dough  and its effects are a real good  start. look forward to seeing some of your breads.


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Hi Aleska! We welcome you with open arms.

It’s difficult for me to remember that far back to say what my biggest challenges were. It will be helpful to know which types of breads you are interested to start baking. Will you use Commercial Yeast or Sourdough? With that knowledge we can better suggest a particular bread to start baking. Make it easy on yourself. Start with a basic bread. After you master that you will have confidence to move on the other breads.

We are here to help,