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Preheat combo-cooker?

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Preheat combo-cooker?

I've been baking two loaves at a time, one in a cast-iron Dutch oven (4 quarts, deep bottom), the other in a cast-iron combo-cooker (3.2 quarts, shallow bottom), and the loaf in the combo-cooker seems to cook faster and darker.

I preheat the oven at 475°F for about 50 minutes, bake covered 30 minutes, finish uncovered 20 minutes. During the preheat, I use an oven thermometer to gauge when my cast-iron cookware is up to temp, and I've noticed some variation depending on whether I place the thermometer in the Dutch oven or in the combo-cooker, and where I place the lids.

The combo-cooker has less mass than the Dutch oven, so it preheats faster, and I suspect this plays a part in the difference in the finished loaves. I might try putting the combo-cooker into the preheating oven a few minutes after the Dutch oven to try and even things out.

What sort of preheating arrangements have people found to work well when using a combo-cooker? Lid on, lid off, no preheat, lid-only preheat, etc.?

For context, I'm working through the recipes in Ken Forkish's Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.

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My mental picture of how hot air circulates in an oven, with or without a convection fan, leads me to believe that pots will come up to temp faster when the lids are off.

For two vessels, I would put the lids on one rack and the two pots on another.

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When I use a combo cooker, I preheat the bottom part on a burner on my range for 5 minutes or less to get around 400 to 500 F.  I don't see the benefit of preheating the top -  normally we want to top to expand, not cook, at the beginning of the bake.