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Weird SD bread crust...Why??

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Weird SD bread crust...Why??

Hi everyone,


I just made the Bread Code's SD bread and ended up with a crust that is a bit unusual on my 2 loaves: it's as if it had been torn, or ripped, I don't know how to explain...

Does anybody have a clue about what happened?


I think my dough was on the under-proofed side as I was so afraid of the fermentation going crazy because of the heat and humidity that I chose deliberately to keep the bulk on the short side (25% in my aliquot jar) - I also used only 100g of starter...


Here is the recipe:


·        800g Strong white bread flour 1847 Stone Milling / Organic

·        200g whole wheat flour / Speerville organic

·        675g Water

·        100g active sourdough starter  /10% / 100% Whole rye flour – Fed twice the day before

·        22g salt (about 2%)


Autolyse 1h RT 24° (instead of overnight)

Mix and rest 15mn


4h Bulk at 25° / 3 coil folds / / Until vol*25%

Shaping / Vol 30-40%

1h proofing at 25° then fridge at 4° for 18h (vol only 50-60% in the morning before baking)

Baked in a Dutch oven at 240°C for 25 mn with the lid on / then 15 mn without lid at 230°C


Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts and advice!



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I think my dough was on the under-proofed side

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Thanks, Jl...Do you happen to know why the crumb tears like that when under-proofed?