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Egg yolks only

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Egg yolks only

I have been baking a brioche-type sweet roll for quite a few years. This recipe calls for ONLY egg yolks. I have been diligently cracking eggs and freezing the egg whites for some future use. But, I can only freeze so much, and eating the whites gets pretty old after a while.

When I used to work at a hotel's bakery department, we used to get liquid egg yolks in quart containers. I know that I want to use this type of product, but I need to experiment with one or two batches before I commit to using them.

Unfortunately everywhere that I've looked online wants me to commit or purchase 30 pounds, or one case of them. I need to find a retail store that sells just the egg yolks in a small container. Does anyone know of any retailers (grocery stores) that sell this product? 


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Because of the extra processing and handling, I suppose that commercially made  yolks-only are going to cost at least about as much as the whole egg. 

If you have a dog or cat, you could mix some of the raw egg white in with their food. Double-check that with Dr. Google, DVM, to see if it's okay to do that.

Bon appétit.

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Include the egg white as part of the water (or milk) weight in the recipe. Egg white is mostly water.

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Mini Oven

My MIL makes something like this with egg whites and always has plenty of yolks to give away.  We could trade or you could use up your whites with this recipe.  She makes it with whole hazel nuts and it is twice baked.  After the first bake and the loaves have cooled a day, she slices them super thin with an electric slicer and bakes them with a touch of golden, or light brown. Pack into air tight container or bags.

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Take up cake decorating maybe? Meringue icings are really good. But seriously, see if a local restaurant will order a carton for you as part of their weekly order. I've seen an "egg yolks only" carton in the grocery store once or twice near the liquid egg whites.  It was quite hidden though.