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Transfer from banneton to hand to Dutch oven

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Transfer from banneton to hand to Dutch oven

I've been struggling when transferring a loaf from banneton to the Dutch oven I'm baking in. I was inverting the loaf onto a floured counter-top, then awkwardly scooping it up with my hands to lower it into the Dutch oven. It inevitably sagged, and required too much handling to gather it up off the counter.

I'm aware of the parchment paper sling approach, but for whatever reason (stubbornness?) I wanted to find a way to do it with just my hands.

I recently saw a video where the baker inverts a loaf right onto their outstretched hand, shimmies the other hand in beneath, and lowers it into the Dutch oven.

I just tried this and it worked like a charm!

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Sounds good!  Mine is usually heated past 400F when I make the transfer, though, which would make that a bit hazardous.  I'd guess most of us using the sling do so for that reason.

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Yeah, I'm preheating as well, so it's a delicate operation. Been okay so far :)

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The video you watched sounds like what I do.  First, I make sure the exposed part of the dough is dry, and just a tiny bit of flour is enough to get rid of any sticky spots.  Then I pick up the banneton with one hand, invert the banneton and let the dough fall into the other hand, quickly move the hand that held the banneton into position to cradle the dough (after of course placing the banneton on the counter), and then with the dough in my fingertips carefully keep my palms vertical (and away from the sides of the Dutch oven) while lowering the dough into the Dutch oven.  Do not worry if the dough seems to sag a bit on the way into the Dutch oven.  Once on the bottom of the Dutch oven it will regain its shape.  I then do any scoring, put the lid on, and move the Dutch oven into the oven.

Happy baking.