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Txfarmer’s 36 hours baguettes...First attempt in a looong series!

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Txfarmer’s 36 hours baguettes...First attempt in a looong series!


This bread is sooooo good, this is going to be my favorite weekend bake for a while...

Furthermore, I’m looking forward to getting a chance to practice again at taming that super-flowy blob!!!

What a dinner picnic we had courtesy of those chubby babies!!! So they are far from looking like worthy-of-the name baguettes, I totally agree with you on this one, but I did my best at trying to somehow give a semblance of shape to what turned to be a very flowy dough

The final result is_for my newbie’s eyes_ not too bad, especially considering the few obstacles I had to overcome, but most importantly the taste is wonderful!!!


Here is the link to Txfarmer’s recipe


100% AP Flour Anita’s organic

75% water

120g starter only instead of 150g

3 coil folds during the first 3 hours of bulk (vol*50% in aliquot jar) then fridge for 24h (dough t° out of the fridge= 0.5°C)

1h rest at room t° (25°) the next day (t° after rest = 10°)

Divide and rest 40mn at 25°

Disastrous-but-fun attempt at Shaping

Proofing 50mn at 25° on a couche (until vol*100% in the aliquot jar)

Disastrous maneuver to get the dough onto the baking stone...

Disastrous attempt at scoring...

Baked at 230°C for 25mn with steam covered with a roasting turkey pan + 10mn with no steam


As I mentioned, the dough came out from the fridge at 0.5°C after the 24h bulk fermentation, so my guess is that the fermentation did not get the chance to continue slowly but surely given the very low fridge temp, which led to an overall under-fermented dough...The aliquot jar showed a good fermentation of 100% but I’m sure that it took way longer for the main dough to re-start fermenting after being taken out from the fridge...

I know too well that combination of big holes and dense crumb....

I also think I should have given the dough more folds during the bulk...

What do you think??

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These are great start into the world of baguette mastery. Well done. One has to bake to get better.



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:-))) These were my very first attempt to shape baguettes...and as you can see, there's still room for improvement ;-)) but who cares, they were delicious!!!

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I agree with Gavin, they are very good for first baguettes!!


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Thanks Benito, but I think that for a first attempt, I should have tried my hand at a less challenging dough...My plan is to shape some baguettes using Afanso's version of Hamelman's Pain au Levain with Whole wheat this weekend..I can't wait!