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What's in your wallet, er, pantry?

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What's in your wallet, er, pantry?

What flours and grains are in your pantry?  Both ground and unground?

Am I weird or too far from normal for having as many as I do?

Whole unground grains:

  • generic hard red winter wheat.
  • Bronze Chief hard red spring wheat.
  • Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat.
  • Kamut 
  • generic millet
  • quinoa (okay, technically it's a seed not a grain).
  • (added) rolled oats, old fashioned and quick style.


  • King Arthur bread flour.
  • Arrowhead Mills organic all purpose.
  • Bob's Red Mill stone ground (red) whole wheat.
  • Golden Temple durum atta blend, white/red bag.
  • Swad brand regular semolina.
  • Patel brand stone ground whole grain durum.
  • Swad brand "Sharbati Gold", whole wheat Sharbati flour from Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • potato starch.
  • potato flour.
  • corn starch ("corn flour" in UK).
  • tapioca flour.
  • white rice flour
  • Tropiway brand cocoyam fufu flour.
  • moong (mung) bean flour.
  • gram flour (besan), aka chickpea or garbanzo bean.
  • added: yellow corn meal.
  • added: almond flour.
  • added: ground coconut.


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  • Hard red
  • hard white
  • rye
  • einkorn
  • soft white
  • spelt
  • farro - now the not really grains...
  • quinoa
  • buckwheat groats
  • sorghum
  • seeds-sunflower, pumpkin, sesame (black, natural and white) flax, hemp, chia (black and white)


  • Tapioca
  • White and Brown Rice
  • Chickpea
  • Potato
  • Sorghum
  • 365 Organic AP contraband - from the US - not enriched
  • PC Organics AP
  • Caputo 00
  • Anita's GF flour blend
  • Semolina
  • oat

To be fair, I'm allergic to corn (and it's in EVERYTHING-see note about contraband AP flour-the "vitamins and minerals" they put in Canadian flour are all made from corn...I can deal with it in small doses - but usually use the Canadian white flour only when I'm baking for other people)

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I feel like I don't have enough after reading this. Mine are just regular ground from the grocery store.

KA All Purpose Flour

KA Whole Wheat wheat

KA Bread flour

Swans Down Cake Flour

Arrow Head Mills Spelt

Arrow Head Mills Rye



Do Instant potatoes count? (ha ha)

Outside of that I have about 8 bags of chocolate chips and about 3 bags of other mix-ins. I make a lot of cookies.

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I think you’re perfectly normal.  😁


Khorasan berries

Spelt berries

Hulled barley

Oat groats

Buckwheat groats

Cracked wheat


Raw sunflower seeds

Golden flaxseed

Dark brown flaxseed

Black chia seeds



KAF Bread

KAF Whole wheat

Whole Grain Milling whole wheat bread

Whole Grain Milling whole wheat pastry 

Whole Grain Milling rye

Whole Grain Milling buckwheat

Bob’s Red Mill spelt

Food to Live barley

KAF gluten free blend

Domata gluten free blend

Bob’s Red Mill GF oat

EDIT:  Thanks Ilya and Mary for reminding me...  

Arrow Mills brown rice flour

Raw sesame seeds

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Ilya Flyamer

I once thought about sharing pictures of the pantries, but this is more useful.

Hope I am not forgetting anything. All milled flour, except crystal malt.

Bread flour (Mungoswells)

Extra strong bread flour (Mungoswells)

Whole wheat (Mungoswells, almost finished, hence...)

Whole wheat (Doves farm)

Whole wheat (Balcaskie landrace - just got today, supposed to be very tasty, wanted to try for a long time)

Whole spelt (Doves farm)

Whole einkorn (Doves farm)

Whole rye (Doves farm)

Light/white rye (Mungoswells)

Beremeal (barley variety)

00 flour (Mulino Marino)

Semola remacinata (Mulino Marino)

Fine semolina: both durum and regular wheat

Plain flour (Sainsbury's)

Crystal rye malt (whole berries)

Red rye malt

Diastatic malt

White rice flour


Almond flour

Spelt flakes


Considering how often I use them in bread baking, want to mention sesame seeds (including black), poppy seeds, linseeds.

Liquid malt extract

Black treacle (molasses - not very useful after all)

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Ohhhh, this is fun.


  • KA AP flour
  • KA bread flour
  • Sprouted organic spelt
  • Corn meal, both yellow and blue (not really flour but close enough for inventory purposes
  • Added - Hayden Mills Semolina
  • Added - Hayden Mills Sonoran White AP
  • Added: KA gluten free "flour", for making goodies for a niece
  • Added: just got some diastatic malt, haven't had a chance to use it yet. Does that qualify?

Whole Grains:

  • Barley, both hulled and pearled (bought pearled when I couldn't get hulled, I need to use it up)
  • Buckwheat (added)
  • Hard red winter (generic)
  • Hard white spring (generic)
  • Millet
  • Oats - Quaker old fashioned and whole groats
  • Quinoa
  • Rye 
  • Sorghum
  • Spelt
  • White rice (for making rice flour as well as dinner, lol)

And I just realized the brown rice is wayyyyy old and smells off. Out it goes.

Thanks Dave, for assisting with getting the pantry organized. 😁


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  • Pendleton Morbread, my staple
  • durum
  • KA "white" WW
  • some KA type 65 I am still figuring out how to use
  • light rye
  • AP white
  • that's probably cake flour
  • chapati atta
  • potato flour
  • besan
  • rice flour
  • semolina
  • there should be cornmeal in there somewhere



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I don’t think I have that much.  I only have flour since I do not have a mill.

Robin Hood Bread Flour

Anita’s Organic All Purpose

La Milanese 10% protein Organic All Purpose

Whole Kamut

White rice flour

Tapioca starch

Almond meal

Corn meal

Whole Red Fife

Whole Einkorn

Whole Spelt

Whole Rye

Semola rimacinata 

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I am not gonna list everything, but I have at least 25 different flours.  That does not include spices, soaker ingredients, malts, syrups and so on.