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47th bake. 05/11/2021. 90% SGWW durum. Ugly but tastes great.

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47th bake. 05/11/2021. 90% SGWW durum. Ugly but tastes great.

May 11, 2021.

This is a bread-machine bake.

405 g Patel brand stone-ground WW durum.

45 g Arrowhead Mills organic AP.

8.5 g of salt.

350 g bottled spring water.

Mixed by hand in a bowl, and let soak 3 hours in fridge.

Slowly kneaded in, by hand, 1 tsp instant dry yeast.

Put in bread machine on Whole Wheat setting.

Dribbled in 19 g more water.

Used a silicone scraper to help the dough along.

During first knead phase threw in some dry whole poppy seeds. Did not measure. Then threw in some dry whole chia seeds, did not measure.

Oops, those seeds need some water, so dribbled in more water, did not measure.

Oops, too wet, threw in about a tsp more of AP flour.

Dough seems a litttle loose, but it's moving around and getting kneaded well.

Dough gets really high during second rise.

Dough collapses before the bake cycle is half-way through.

At finish, there is a deep well in the top of the bread. Top crust indicates too much water was used.  Sides and bottom are well crusted.

Atter cooling, I can't resist and pull off parts of the upper crown or rim. Doesn't taste bad. Put in plastic zipper bag over night.

Next day, bread tastes even better. Crumb shows over-fermentation too, as if the collapse wasn't enough evidence.

The photos were taken after I pulled off and ate the upper rim.

The lower hole is where the bread machine paddle was removed.



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I would have eaten the top first too, lol. You could use what remains as a pseudo soup or chili bowl.... 😁


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That’s a great idea Mary, Dave use your bread as a bowl for a stew, yumm.

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As I mention on the previous bake with this flour, it goes great with soup and stew.