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Improving Sourdough Croissants

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Improving Sourdough Croissants

Hi all!

So I've started trying my hand at croissants over the past few months - and although I have definitely gotten better, there are still some gremlins I want to iron out:)

Today's batch of sourdough croissants followed this recipe from the Shipton forums for 3-day croissants:

Some adjustments/mistakes I made:

  • I don't scald my milk because I'm lazy!
  • I proofed for 7 hours rather than 5, as I hadn't got the rise I wanted after 5 hours. My starter is active enough (more than doubles in about 8 hours), but I think maybe not as active as the author's
  • I mistakenly baked for 20 mins at 180C, rather than 25-30mins. When I realised my mistake I put them back in the oven for 5-10 more mins, but they had already been cooling a good 15 mins
  • I kneaded the dough for far too long on on day 1 before it went into the fridge
  • The dough tore a little on the last roll - I suspect because I'd developed too much gluten by overkneading. I threw some extra flour on the problem spot to deal with it during the roll

No photo pre-bake, but I felt fairly happy i could see layers. Photos post-bake:

I'm pretty happy, but the inside looks a little underbaked - the aimed-for webbing is sort of there but not totally. I also feel they could have risen a touch more in the oven.

So with all that in mind, i'd be really keen to hear any tips/feedback on how I could take things up another notch! here are some things I know I need to be working on:

  • Lamination - it's hard but I know it just takes practice
  • Actually reading the recipe correctly and baking the right amount of time

Bext wishes,





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The few times i attempted sourdough only croissants, proofing times where quite long compared to bread. E.g After shaping the croissants I proofed them up to 24hrs at room temp ~17 deg. Until they puff up. With less proofing I got a crumb like yours. Also lamination gets a bit better everytime so less butter leaks out. 

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Sorry! I have been offline for a month or so! Thank you for the advice, I will have to try it out in the not too distant future/once the temp in the UK is a bit more butter friendly! :)

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I’ve check the recipe for your sourdough croissants, try and up your starter to 40%, that should make fermentation and proofing faster, also do feed your starter twice a day for 2 to 3 days to control the acid content.

when your dough tore while laminating let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes in the fridge then continue.

what was the thickness of your final lamination before you cut to shape? I do 3-4mm thick with a 3-4-3 folds(25 layers)

I find that sourdough croissants seems to have doughy or a bit wet crumb but it May the type of flour that used.

im still in the process of experimenting really but would love to share what I’ve learned so far..

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Thank you for your kind words! 

Also many thanks for the tips. It's really good advice and part of the process of getting better! In order:

I'll up the starter a bit as otherwise the proof does seem to be ridiculously long! 

I'll be sure to use that fridge trick next time. Thankfully I have tried it once sine and just didn't tear at all!

I think thickness was around the same, 5mm or so - I try to be sure not to crush the butter :)