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45th bake. 05/01/2021. 93% WW SG durum

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45th bake. 05/01/2021. 93% WW SG durum

May 1, 2021.

This was an experiment to see if a 1000 g 93% WW dough could be baked in my low profile toaster oven.

I used a 10.25" diameter Lodge cast iron pan with two short handles.

I took out the toaster oven's rack, and used a smaller 7" diameter Lodge cast iron serving griddle/plate as a stand-off to hold the 10.25" pan off/above the heating elements' shields.

I baked it for 11 minutes at 450 F, and 23  min at 400 F, with bottom heat. Then 7 minutes at 400 F with bottom and top heat to brown the top.

The bottom was burned, and the rest slightly undercooked/wet. I did not bake off enough water,

I had rushed things, and it was underfermented too.  It was edible, but not pleasant.

The geese on the canal in Broad Ripple liked it.