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Underfermented or just right?

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Underfermented or just right?

Hello, bakers!

Since my last post I was continuously working my way towards more open crumb. My last two bakes were by Kristen Dennis basic open crumb sourdough recipe. Fist one (at 80% hydration) was hopelessly overfermented (I didn't use aliquot jar ) and turned out flat and dull. With second one (78% total hydration) I used aliquot jar monitoring and let it go up to 60% increase in volume in the jar (folded dough itself was maybe 40% or so), then I shaped and proofed further for 30 min before putting to super cold fridge overnight. 

This loaf had some oven spring, an ear and even the most open crumb I've ever got. But although it doesn't have much compressed crumb, it has some cavities, that might be mark of underfermented dough... Today I'm going for the third try and could use some help and expertise from you - is this loaf underfermented? Shall I push a little (or maybe much) further or it looks just fine and cavities/tunnels are from faulty shaping/not enough degassing? 


Really looking forward for your opinion!

Olga :)

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Ilya Flyamer

Beautiful! So many bakers would be over the moon with such bread.

I don't think this is underfermentation, just a little wild crumb, probably need to pat the dough just a bit more during shaping, like you suggest.

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Completely agree with Ilya...

Super nice bread in all respects. The crumb has very thin cell walls and is lacy. A highly prized attribute!


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Thank you all!

I then will aim for the same amount of fermentation and try to pay more attention to degassing. 

Hope I won't screw up...