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Failed Panettone with Pasta Madre

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Failed Panettone with Pasta Madre

Hi all 

I attempted Panettone few days ago using Pasta Madre and unfortunately trouble started during dough 1 when I incorporated egg and sugar emulsion. The dough would not soak up the emulsion mix and as I mixed it on low speed for a while more thinking it will somehow incorporate, the dough started to tear and eventually the gluten was all torn and it became this sludge consistency. 

has anyone encountered this problem before? I’m trying to troubleshoot so that I can attempt it again but have reached a road block in terms of what could be the cause. Needless to say I was quite disappointed as a lot of ingredients got wasted. My guess so far is that it could be:

1) PM not ready (altho it smelled ok and double during refreshment). I received this PM from someone so I’m feeding it with a different flour. Not sure if that could be the cause

2) Dough 1 total weight was around 570g and mixed in a 8 litre planetary mixer. Could this be an issue - ie too big mixer?

If it helps, I provide my sequence below and hope someone can share some light or experience 


1) 8:30am remove PM from fridge, slice and soak in sugar water for 10 mins. 

2) take the core of the PM and feed 1:2:40%

3) 6:30pm soak overnight in plain water (Aircon room)



1) 9am : scrape what’s left from the tub and do first refreshment (1:1:45%) and remaining 2 refreshment done at 1:15pm and 5:15pm

2) at 9:40pm mix dough 1. 

- flour and water and PM - 10 mins, no problem as dough was smooth and stiff 

- add egg+sugar emulsion - first addition (like 10%).  Eggs failed to incorporate with dough. Even at speed 1 prolong mixing the dough gluten eventually broke and disintegrated 


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There are so many pieces of info missing that it is next to impossible to begin answering. Don't assume anyone knows what YOUR recipe and YOUR handling is. Spell it out.

RE: PM-what flour was it fed and what flour did you feed it?

Why soak in sugar water?

Why soak the PM in sugar water and then just take the core to feed?

How cool is the air conditioned room? Was it at least 80F?

Why soak the fed portion in water?

Friday:9AM-What do you mean by "scrape what’s left from the tub". Which tub? The remainder (not core) of the 1x fed PM? The PM that sat from 8:30-6:30PM in an aircon room? The part that sat overnight in water?

Was the dough being mixed by your mixer or was the arm swirling only the top layer? If it was only 570 G why didn't you just mix it by hand when it didn't seem to be incorporating?

What does "fed 1:2:40% mean. I have not seen this notation format before.

Please use more words and provide a recipe and technique. I'm not seeing what you are trying to describe and since no one else responded, I would say others were also scratching their heads. People here love to help but have to have at least basic info to go n- even though it seems so tedious to type all that stuff out.

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Pictures are always helpful..

Probably your madre was "too strong"