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Proof bread style Sourdough Sandwich loaf

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Proof bread style Sourdough Sandwich loaf

So being inspired by the Proof Bakery videos as well as having started selling my own loaves of sourdough from my home I'm kinda looking to expand into sandwich loaves.

So does anyone have any clue on the formula? John explains his entire ingredient list but no exact weights save for the brown sugar which is 900g for 30kg of dough, not flour. It's not exactly an extensive list

Flour 100%
Starter 100%hydration (possibly 10% given they try to temp maintain their dough fermentation at 84F which funnily enough is that my house is at that temp for the most part)
Salt (Probably about 2-ish% for a usual amount in most recipes)
Brown Sugar (900g for 30 1kg doughs)
Powdered Milk
Butter (Looks like 2 (1lbs?) blocks of butter in the video)

But if in any case nobody wants to try and reverse engineer the Proof formula does anyone have any suggestions for a good simple recipe with the above ingredients that won't break the bank since it'll be for a very very small scale cottage bakery. So extensive experimenting is gonna be pretty difficult.

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If were trying to replicate the proof formula I would use something like this

450g flour

370g water

100g starter

30g brown sugar

30g butter

20-30g powdered milk

10g salt

However, they use high percentages of starter in their bread (I think they said 20-30% in one of their videos) so if I were making this I would probably use about 50g starter with 475g flour and 395g water. I also have no idea how much powdered milk they use or what the hydration is. I would assume they have at least 70% hydration though because they are using whole wheat and prefer higher hydration doughs. I'm not sure about proofing times but it would take longer than a plain sourdough loaf because of the butter and sugar. Maybe just try proofing the same amount of time or a little less for the first proof because the second proof might take longer. I bake sandwhich bread at 350 or 375 farenheight until its done (30-40 minutes). But baking bread can be different for everyone because of variations in temperature, formulas, ingredients, etc. So just do whatever works for you and good luck!




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Thanks a lot for your advice and the baseline recipe! It's not much but it's a starting point to get me somewhere at least. And yeah, 70% hydration sounds about right since their regular artisan loaves are at about 80%(granted they use stonemilled whole wheat, which is in general finer and more thirsty than regular whole wheat). So I might have to stick to a more reasonable 66-70% with my flour. Honestly I may have to bump up the starter amount too since I usually use a 10% inoculation for my artisan loaves since the weather here for the most part promotes peak fermentation speed and flavor in about a 4.5hr bulk and then overnight retard in the fridge which gets me good sizeable loaves.


And honestly I'm still working on figuring out the proofing times for enriched sourdoughs since the last sandwich bread recipe I tried by Sune on foodgeek it took like 8-9 hours for roomtemp bulk to get to a 25%-ish volume increase. I think my starter isn't all that comfortable with fermenting enriched bread so that part I gotta figure out as I go along.

But now I at least have some sort of starting point. Milk powder is definitely the way to go since it stores easily and a lot cheaper than fresh milk even though I'm definitely not skimping on quality ingredients for this.