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'Cold proof' and 'Room Temperature proofing'

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'Cold proof' and 'Room Temperature proofing'

I've noticed that even it was proved at room temperature flavour is still the same as it was with cold fermented dough. Maybe even a bit sour when fermented right before it collapse. Am I just imagining this or did someone here notice that too?

Photo above was done with below details.



80g Whole Wheat

320g Strong Bread Flour

312g Water

80g Starter

8g Salt


25°c(77°f)- Desired Dough Temp


23°c(73.4°f) - flour(1)

23°c(73.4°f) - starter(2)

20°c(68°f) - room temp(3)

34°c(93°f) - water(4)

1°c(33.8°f) - Friction Factor +/-


25 x 4 = 100

100 - 23(Flour) - 23(Starter) - 20(Rm Temp)

= 34°c water temperature


77 x 4 = 308

308 - 73.4(Flour) - 73.4(Starter) - 68(Rm Temp)

= 93°f water temperature


26c - IDT after mixing, it was higher than predicted


Mix everything, I'm getting lazy on mixing so I will keep on using my cute mixer and hope I don't break it.


2 Minutes initial mix - speed - low(1- kitchenaid)

3 minutes rest

5 minutes mix - speed - medium(2-4 - kitchenaid)

5 minutes rest

5 minutes mix - speed - medium(2-4 - kitchenaid)

5 minutes rest

5 minutes mix - speed - medium(1-2- kitchenaid)

10 minutes rest


Did 1 stretch and fold to release the dough from the mixing bowl and transfer to a lightly oiled glass rectangular dish.


Rest for 10 minutes

2 sets of coil folds with 1 hour interval

Rest for 2 hours at room temperature(mine is 20c Deg) IDT before fridge - 24c Deg

then leave it in the fridge(I’ve put mine around 5pm) and take it out before going to bed.

Shape the next morning and proof for 3-4 hours at room temp. It was a cold morning…


Baked on a baking steel covered with stainless steel bowl for 20 minutes @250c

Uncovered for 25 minutes @225c

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Wow, thanks for the detailed process! I really want to try this-- I've been hoping to test out how using a mixer would influence my bread. Having your guide as a starting point will be super helpful (I particularly appreciate the temp and time notes).

That crumb looks phenomenal. Well done!

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Try using your mixer and it will make your life easier, or maybe I'm just being too lazy.. one more thing I forgot to mention is that when mixing in a mixer I normally stop mixing when is see the dough is not sticking on the sides of the bowl. Thank you!

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That gorgeous crumb is beautiful Carlo.  I have to admit that I’ve only even used a cold retard for these types of loaves and only used a warm final proof for pan loaves so I have no experience comparing the flavor differences between them.  A factor in how much flavor develops in the fridge must be fridge temperature with colder temperatures slowing down metabolism of the microorganisms more than warmer and thus likely less flavor compounds being produced with very cold temperatures.


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Maybe your right, I want to know more about sourdough bread, the science behind it, do you have any books to suggest?

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I own few books on bread baking Carlo and the ones I do own have little information on the science in them.  Most of what I have learned I have learned here from other bakers, some on IG and some literature searches reviewing some studies.

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This is a true deep-dive into the chemistry of bread!

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Beautiful loaf and interesting process.  I could see a huge advantage to shaping cold dough.  I struggled with shaping my most recent loaf, and I could see it being much easier to handle if chilled.  

Ever had a problem with the dough rising unevenly as it’s warming/rising at the same time?