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Green color on my sourdough bretzel just after baking

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Green color on my sourdough bretzel just after baking

Hi there!

I discovered a weird green colour on my sourdough "Morissette" (baguette-shaped bretzel) right after baking, out the oven.

Here are some pictures:

I only used my sourdough starter (that I am using 3 times a week since 2018), flours, water, salt and a bit of butter. All of those are kinda "new", far from behind past the date.

It looks like a moldy colour but I have trouble thinking mold could appear in less than 4h, and especially right after the oven! Also, the top and inside of the buns are totally fine.

Any thoughts?

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Mini Oven

between lye soaked parchment and pan transferring to bread. Hard to tell from here but seems worse with extra moisture from dipping.  Try switching out the pan underneath or using fresh parchment directly on the stone or oven rack or an extra piece of parchment between pan and baking parchment.