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courage bagel

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courage bagel

Hi there baking bagel community - I live in London - and have seen the craze for Courage Bagels online in LA - as a bagel enthusiast, would love to have a crack at these bagels at home. (No travelling due to the pandemic) 

Any thoughts or tips on how to recreate this bagel? they look so different and crusty / chewy 

Looks like a sourdough bread roll Im guess high hydration and even a autolyse method...or perhaps a worked pizza dough boiled and baked? 


Any thoughts? comments

all the best 






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I had not heard of them before, so I read a few articles. Sounds like they specialize in Montreal style bagels. Perhaps doing a google search would get you the recipe/technique you are hoping for. (And kudos to any eatery that was able to start up and thrive during CA severe lockdowns, quite a number have not fared nearly so well.)

Good luck! 

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Bagels are generally low hydration actually. Check out the recipe on The Perfect Loaf site. 

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Mini Oven

It takes a pandemic with the loss of tastebud sensitivity to come up with a burnt bagel that tastes good.  From California?  A state with one of the highest infectious rates?  Hmm.   I like a bold bake but this is too much burnty for me.  Seeds tend to get bitter when burned.   "Courage" Antigen test.      

Ok, kick my sweet little 'ol Lady butt now.   -Mini