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Triangular shaped "bubble"?

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Triangular shaped "bubble"?

For my last two bakes, I've noticed an odd cavity on the outer edge of my loaves.  And now seeing it back to back, I think I've seen it in some of my other loaves too.  It has to be a shaping error with that triangular shape, but I can't figure out what I'm doing that would cause it.  It's on the outer edge, so has to be either how I finish rolling my oblong or how I'm putting some tension in the dough after shaping.

Any ideas?

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Mini Oven

before shaping.  

Before rolling up the dough gently feel the dough for hollow spots and pop any voids.  They just get bigger during the final rise and throw off any volume judgements.  This may give you a longer final proof time.

How are you judging when to stop bulking and shape the dough?  Just curious.


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Interesting...  I have just been giving the dough a pat all over and kind of flattening it out.  Never thought to actually feel for a void.  Will try that on the next bake.

I have been using an aliquot jar to judge bulk.  Depending on how "jiggly" the dough looks, I have been moving to pre-shape somewhere between 75-90% on the aliquot.

Thanks for the tip!

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I agree with Mini, air trapped during folds or shaping.

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I'd do away with the roll and just use tension pulls to shape. Enjoy!