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43rd bake. 04/01/2001. 75% WW, 523 g flour.

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43rd bake. 04/01/2001. 75% WW, 523 g flour.

March 31 - April 1, 2021.

(Paper plate is 9" in diameter.)

  1. 198 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat.  37.8% of 523 g.
  2. 198 g whole grain durum "Fiber Wala" from Sher Brar Mills.  37.8%
  3. 303 g bottled spring water
  4. approx 50 mg vitamin C. 50mg/523g=95 ppm.
  5. soaked approx 6 hours.
  6. 60 g Durum flour from Golden Temple, white/red bag. This has some bran, but is not whole grain.  11.5%.
  7. 50 g King Arthur Bread flour. 9.6%
  8. 73 g bottled spring water.
  9. 10.5 g salt. 2%.
  10. 5 g nutritional yeast. .96%
  11. 35 g cold starter, 100% hydration, 2 days since fed. 3.3% PFF.
  12. 198+198+60+50+17= 523 total flour
  13. 303+73+17= 393 H2O. 
  14. 393/523=75.1% hydration.
  15. 25 g whole dry chia seeds. 4.8%.
  16. ferment 9 hours, in oven with light on.
  17. fold/shape/banneton, 6 hours in fridge.
  18. flip from banneton into Lodge combo cooker.
  19. bake covered, *475/450, 15 min.
  20. bake covered, 450/425, 15 min.
  21. bake uncovered, 425/400, 15 min.

 *First number is oven setting, second number is actual temperature, Fahrenheit.



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Nice oven spring Dave, well done.


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I forgot to fold/shape/put in fridge before going to bed.  I had planned a 6 hr bulk ferment, and 9 hour cold proof. So it's likely overproofed.    

I did remember it when I got up in the middle of the night for my ritual old-man's-trip-to-the-bathroom. So the crumb shouldn't be too bad.  The heft indicates it's not too dense. Gonna try to wait until tonight or tomorrow a.m. to cut open.

I'm interested to see how the combination of both ascorbic acid and nutritional yeast works out with all this WW and durum.

As far as the dough phase, I think the NY gave me an extensible and workable doigh, whereas previously I used extra water on the whole grain durum, which made it extra sticky,

I'm near the end of my bag of WW Fiber Wala durum (after having given away approx 6 to 8 of the original 20 pounds.)   So next time I'm going to get Patel's house brand of stone ground whole grain durum, which is significantly cheaper than the roller-milled durum from Sher Brar Mills.

I've been making tortillas/chapatis with this whole grain Fiber Wala durum, and they are great, as long as you let the dough rest 1 hour. 30 minutes is not enough. Overnight in the fridge is even better.  100% Fiber Wala, 77% water, 2% salt, and 1 tsp grapeseed oil per 30 g flour, or 12-16% oil.  I figure 30 g flour per tortilla/chapati. 

Roll out thin.  Dry fry on a skilllet, at 3 out of 10 setting on electric burner, until brown (not black) spots on both sides. Use a metal spatula to keep it flat and evenly cooked.  Let cool 10 minutes  in a tortillera (lidded round plastic box that can take heat of fresh baked tortilla) to let moisture equalize.  Very tender.  

Store bought tortillas have no bran, too much salt, and usually too much oil/fat/lard.  This is so tender that people don't care that it's whole grain.

Sher Brar Mills is a Canadian company, so I suppose Fiber Wala durum, and their bran-less, or less-bran, "Desi Style" durum is common in Canadian Indo-Pak stores.

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The profile of that loaf doesn’t suggest much overproofed if at all.  I’ll be very interested in seeing the crumb.

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I was surprised at how little the dough spread out when I put it in the dutch oven,  The hydration of this loaf, 75%, is much lower than I normally do, even for a 75% WW loaf.


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Wow is that loaf plump!  Looks as tall as it is round.

Will be very interested in seeing the crumb.

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Wow, this loaf takes the meaning of boule quite literally.  Almost spherical!

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Meh. The crumb is too tight. It's not dense, it has lots of holes, they're just too tiny.

I attribute this to the ascorbic acid, and not enough water in the formula. I should have bassinaged more water in.  And I didn't calculate water correctly. The BRM WW  needs 80%, the WW durum 87-89%, and the KA Bread flour 65-70%.

Also, the durum taste doesn't go well with the extra tang that developed from the 9 hr room temp bulk ferment. (I was aiming to do less, but fell asleep.)

I let the loaf sit 22 hours after baking, and actually did not like the taste when first cutting open.

But, 48 hours after baking, the taste was better.

Here it is, a full  3 days after baking, and the taste is fair to good now.  Still soft and not too dense. But the taste and tight crumb make it not share-worthy with others.