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Kneading after (partial) bulk fermentation

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Kneading after (partial) bulk fermentation

Got myself into a bit of a jam with a whole wheat sourdough sandwich loaf I am trying. After mixing I typically do stretch and folds every 30 minutes until I get a good windowpane (usually 4, sometimes 5). This recipe I'm trying today is 70% whole wheat flour and after the 3rd stretch and fold it became clear that my gluten network is not going to be enough with just S&Fs. After doing a bit of reading I now see that high whole wheat content doughs typically need to be kneaded, S&F is not enough. So after 3 hours of what was going to be an appx 4 hour bulk, I punted and started kneading. I kneaded for 7 or 8 minutes and it felt better than it did so I decided to stop and risk overdoing it.

Question now is, should I continue with bulk fermentation for the last hour, or a new full 4 hours, or something in between? Or would I have better luck salvaging at least some half decent loaves out of this by dividing and shaping and just letting them do their final rise (4 hrs) in the pans and then baking. Don't want to risk overfermenting but I'd like to get as moderately well risen a bread as I can out of this. Any thoughts?...


My recipe is as follows

700 WW F

100 Br F

200 AP F

700 H2O

200 Starter (100%)

100 Rolled Oats

75 Honey

0:00 Mixed (DIDNT KNEAD!) and let sit

1:00 Added 20g Salt

1:30 S&F

2:00 S&F2

2:30 S&F3

Was planning to S&F 1 more time then at 4:00 divide, shape, pan and let rise until 8:00 Bake.

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You would "bulk" until it's ready, whenever that happens to be. Enjoy!