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Cracked barley and groats

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Cracked barley and groats

I've been tweaking this recipe a little each bake and narrowing it down to a method that works for me.  Have tried it as sourdough, but I like it better with raisin yeast water.  The toasted buckwheat really comes through, and I've slowly reduced the amount so it doesn't overpower everything else.  Have tried it as both a hearth loaf and a pan loaf, but it's really working better for me as a pan so far.  It's hard to keep good strength with the non gluten flours and the inclusions, so the hearth loaves tend to flatten more than rise.  Today, I tried Dan's loaf pan method and it worked great!

I do a two part levain build using the RYW from my refrigerator.  Normally I do nothing but RYW, but I ran out for this bake (have some fermenting), so I topped it off with regular water and added 0.5g ADY during final mix.

This bread is 70% WW, 20% spelt, 5% toasted buckwheat, and 5% oat flour with a barley, oat and buckwheat soaker.  It has a hearty flavor that I really enjoy as toast with my oatmeal in the morning and it makes delicious French toast.  Something about the combination of the toasted buckwheat in the bread and the cinnamon in the egg mixture...

Will post a crumb shot later tonight.  Will probably slice this one for dinner and see how it does as a turkey and cheddar panini.


EDIT:  Crumb photo added.  Didn’t get this one cooked all the way.  I hit 210 deg for final internal temp, but it’s just a little on the moist side.  I’m hoping it cures a little bit over the next day or two.  Texture and flavor are good though, and it made a great sandwich for dinner!



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Excellent bake Troy, Dan’s a genius with his pan loaf method in my opinion.  I’ve never had buckwheat to my knowledge so have no idea what if tastes like.  Your bread looks wonderful, love the colour and the crumb which is nice and even.  It looks like you’ve figured out the dough weight needed now for your Pullman pan.  Well done.


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Thanks Benny, and I agree fully on the pan loaf.

I've had buckwheat as a kid in pancakes, but never in bread until I tried this fermented buckwheat loaf.  With that loaf, it's a very strong flavor.  I was unsure on the first slice, but then it started to grow on me.  After making variations of today's recipe 5 or 6 times now, I kind of miss it if it's not there in my WW loaves.  The groats are very slimy after being in a soaker, so be prepared if you try it.  That being said, I'm not sure the flavor comes through any stronger with the groats versus just using the same percentage of the flour.  Gives it a little more texture though.  Flour or groats, I highly recommend toasting them in a pan for 5-6 minutes before putting in the final mix.

This loaf was about 2 cm from the top of the Pullman.  Take out the non gluten flours and the inclusions, and I think it would have been pretty close to the top.

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I love the look of this loaf. The crumb is ideal for sandwiches and very nourishing. The sandwich fillings are right up my alley.




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Thank you Gavin.  It’s getting there.  Still unsure on if it’s better to use flour, grains, or both for the buckwheat, barley, and oats, but I’m getting the flavor profile dialed in.  I need to get a mill or something if I’m going to continue with the cracked grains.  Smashing the hulled barley on my counter with the flat side of a meat tenderizer isn’t very efficient. ?