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Is this overproof or underproof

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Is this overproof or underproof

I’m trying to bake a wholewheat sourdough with rye starter and for some reason there is no oven spring. Just wondering is it overproofed or underproofed, or something else? 

This is the crumb:

Crumb of my whole wheat bread


120g active rye starter

480g whole wheat flour

432g water

9g salt

Schedule (room temperature about 21-22 C)

Autolyse 2 hours (just flour and water)

Then added starter and salt, and stretched and folded a few times to combine.

10min rest, then stretched and folded again.

10min rest, then did a lamination.

Then bulk fermented 3 hours in room temperature.

Then shaped into a boule, and proofed in the fridge for 13 hours.

Then proofed a little more in room temperature, like half an hour, and baked.



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Following this....

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I’m going to risk an answer even though I’m no expert. Usually people rush in to say underproved, but I’m going to say over. The bubbles are well distributed and you don’t have any cavernous holes. Considering it’s wholemeal flour I don’t think it looks too bad.

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I'm  no expert but i think with a 100% whole grain formula, it's hard to get much oven spring and openness in the crumb .  i bet it tastes great though

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Gluten-free Gourmand

In the gluten free world, this bread would be considered to have a pretty open crumb. That being said, I'm working on getting my oven spring right too. It does open up the crumb. If this were my list I'd be fairly pleased but make a note to bake just a smidge sooner for oven spring. It's not completely over proofed, as the holes are still round and not collapsing. But getting it in the oven before the peak rise rather than at it or after it is necessary for oven spring. I'm still working toward fishing that moment correctly, as the rise in SD, while it takes hours to get near peak, it seems to go from proofed to overproofed in mere minutes.

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I think I'm gonna try the aliquot jar method that Benito uses to gauge fermentation.