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Second rising,proofing, resting, benching -need some clarification

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Second rising,proofing, resting, benching -need some clarification

I see most recipes call for second rising. Am i right in assuming that the term "second riisng" means proofing? And what doest that mean? Does it mean to set the dough for the same time as bulk fermentation? Shorter? Does the benching/resting the dough for 20-30 minutes is that "second rising" people talk about? 

About the technicality of the thing. How long should it be? Some articles claim it should be shorter, some claim it should be as long as bulk fermentation.No article explain whether it should be done after preshaping[make a boule], or shaping[actually putting bread in baneton]? What happens to the yeast after bulk and during second rise? Im assuming that after bulk fermentation, there's more yeast in the dough, so the second rising should be actually shorter, all other things consider equals like temperature? Should dough during second rise, rise as much as in bulk? Does every dough or yeast is capable of that, or some yeasts aren't suited for second rise? 

Thanks in advance.