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Triple levain Einkorn porridge bread crumb shot

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Triple levain Einkorn porridge bread crumb shot

Great success once again with the flaked grains made into porridge. I used a white flour levain a whole wheat levain and Apple Yeast Water .  Flaked Einkorn was toasted  in my iron skillet in 3T butter till fragrant and golden. Cooked in a double boiler with 40g honey till water absorbed. Cooled to room temp and used my KA to fold it and the salt into the autolysed dough. A couple of bench folds and then a sunny window for bulk ferment. Overnight shaped retard , these are 1100g boules. I bake in an antique graniteware roaster preheated as long as it takes the oven to preheat to 500 about 15 min. Place 4 ice cubes in my custom foil dish to create steam ? . Bake is 10 min covered at 500, 10 min at 475 then uncover and bake 20 min 475. 


Once again photo inclusion problems... oh well. It’s a great bread. 



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Ahhhh so this was the reason that you were flaking the grains.  Very very nice.  I haven’t done anything with flaked grains yet, but your posts have me interested.  This is certainly a good looking loaf.  I’d love to see the crumb if you don’t mind posting photos of it.

By the way, nice to see you posting again!


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Have no idea why it no longer allows me to get to my pictures . Messages fly up briefly but they are too quick to read. Bread still coolingwill post a pic in the headline area as that one seems to work . Aaarrggh. 

yes porridge bread is wonderful. Very hands off as I never do all the folds etc or long autolyse either. I use my KA and after 5 min gluten is perfect and doughs are always strong. Great time saver. 

thank you Bennie . 

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Beautiful crumb, Caroline! Tasty looking bread and I think I need to revisit the porridge loaf; it's been a while...

Regarding posting photos, here's my workflow, which has a few steps, but is very reliable:

  • take photos and download to computer
  • open in a photo editor (I use Irfanview), crop and adjust tone as required, then resize to 650 pixels wide (disregard height, but keep dimensions to original ratio)
  • upload to a photo host (I use - best to register and stay signed in)
  • copy direct photo link from imgbb
  • in your TFL post click the insert image icon and paste in the photo link
  • click outside the resultant image to deselect
  • press enter to give a line space
  • repeat as required for any more images.



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But that’s way beyond my patience I’m afraid. It was so easy for 10 yrs or more on here to post photos. Ah well I’ll just make do with what it lets me post. 

Do revisit porridge breads. In the past folks had difficulty cooking the grains and incorporating the porridge and too wet doughs. I gave those hints to help with all of that. Hope you will post your bread! Thanks again for looking. c

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I agree with Lance, gorgeous crumb Caroline, well done.


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It’s a very fine bread. Extremely fragrant and completely different from the rye porridge! I didn’t use as much YW in the rye bread and only a white levain and it was gorgeous too . I love the versatility of the porridge as you can use grains that aren’t necessarily easy to use such as the Einkorn and rye and get the flavor while supporting the actual bread with strong flour. Always so much to learn. 

posting formula below 

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That is a very nice texture.  Is the final loaf a mix of your levains and the flaked einkorn, or is there additional flour in the mix?

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I flake the grain , whatever one I choose , toast it in butter, cook it in the double boiler with honey and cool and add to the autolysed dough with the salt. I autolyse with my levain and no salt . Usually for an hour .

I do a thorough mix on speeds 1 and 2 to form the dough and then cover it to rest while I make the porridge then another thorough mix with the KA to incorporate the porridge and adjust the consistency if needed with either water or a good sprinkle of flour. 

here is the formula I have made . You can use 1 levain and no YW or 2 levains and no YW or only YW or all three. The only factor that changes is the fermentation time. And that depends on how active the levains are and the temps in your house. 


Bread flour 582g

WW flour    250g ( fresh milled)

Water          582g ( I subbed 250g very active AYW) 

Salt.             22 g ( set aside and add when porridge added)

Total : 1436g


Bread flour 29g

WW flour.    29g

starter.        16g

Water.          58g

total 132g - May make whatever combo appeals to you to get this amount  


toast flaked grain 400 g in 3 TB butter. Cook in double boiler with 200g water and 40g honey till soft and water absorbed. 
total 600g. Approx. 

I don’t do more than a couple sets of folds due to the use of the KA to develop gluten. I bulk to about 50% then divide and I don’t preshape or degas I barely gather my dough and pinch the edges a bit and place gently in the banneton. I let rise at “ my room temp” for 1 hr then in the fridge overnight... I don’t time it just when I get to it the next morning. I use the thin graniteware and 4 ice cubes at 500 degrees covered 10 min and 475 covered 10 min then 20 min uncovered . That’s it. 

I look forward to seeing what y’all will post. c