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Slightly under I think...any thoughts?

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Slightly under I think...any thoughts?

was a little pushed for time on bulk.

Was 82 % hydration. 8% rye. 

How far under? Any critique very welcomed

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Perhaps.  I'm  not sure on how to diagnose that crumb.  

My first thought was that it might be under-baked.

The crust looks like it was baked at too low of a temperature. 

The flat top looks unique, too.  Like it was up against the lid.

What was your baking arrangement?  Times, temps, baking vessel, type of oven, was convection/fan used, location of heating elements (top, bottom, back), was oven preheated, was baking vessel preheated ?


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Yeah the photo is a little misleading. It was in a rare spot of bright sunlight so it looks a lot paler than it was. Looks quite washed out in this picture.  Baked in a cast iron pot 25 at 225c, 25 about 200 to 210. Everything preheated 50 mins. European gas oven, source at rear of oven, no fan.

It wasn't pushing against the lid. In actual fact less spring than anticipated as I knew it was a little under what I wanted.  It was cut into an overlapping square so think it relates to that.


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Looks undercooked.  What is the weight of the entire loaf before it entered the oven?