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Room Temperature Proofing

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Room Temperature Proofing

Hello everyone, I work in a pastry shop , and the owner really likes the sourdough that I make at home. He's talking about working with me to add it to our production. However, the main concern is that we don't have enough fridge space to overnight proof in the fridge. I would need to do the final proof at room temperature. I have tried using 5% 10% and 20% starter but I have not gotten good results. Does anyone have any advice for room temperature overnight proofing? I was doing a 4 hour bulk fermentation in the proofer, shape, and final proof overnight for about 16 hours. Thanks!

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And now you know why some bakeries have a night shift, to sell slow-rise bread to customers on their way into work.

Or the baker starts at 5 am to sell slow-rise products from lunch-time onward.

Or, you could start later in the morning, and have bread ready to sell when customers stop in on their way home from work.  

And.... sourdough keeps well. 50+%  WW loaves actually improve the first 24 hours, so the loaves that are ready to sell during afternoon rush hour, any left-overs can be bagged and stored over-night and taste even better the next morning.

Hope this helps.

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The path is right, you just haven't gotten there yet. I think you'll be surprised by the amount of starter needed. Enjoy!

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Why not do an overnight bulk ferment at room temp? Use a small inoculation, maybe 5% to start with and experiment from there. In the morning preshape, rest, shape and final proof should go quickly, probably an hour ( or less). The bread can be done by 9 am, if you start by 6 am.