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PASTA MADRE IS AT 4.3 pH and I want 4.1

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PASTA MADRE IS AT 4.3 pH and I want 4.1

Chef, I’m trying to get my pasta Madre pH in the 4.1 range but I’m still stuck at 4.3

I’m bounding it for the purification phase after vacuum sealing it and keeping it at 65F. I’m doing the cold water bath in the morning with 1liter of h20 to 3 grams of sugar for 20 minutes. After I mix/refresh the pasta Madre with a final ddt of 86F, I laminate by hand and the dough drops to 78F before proofing. Is my Madre to cold? I proof at 30 C with my brod and Taylor proofer but after 3 hrs it’s 88F inside. Can you please point me in the right direction? I’m using dalla Giovanna Pannetone Flour 00 (W390)

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same issue here. 
did you find out what the issue was.