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Baked a SD 1.5hr @ 400F

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Baked a SD 1.5hr @ 400F

Today I baked a SD loaf that BF for 16hr @ 77F and retarded an additional 6hr @ 39F. Normally a bread like this would bake in 35 min.

I put the dough (that was in a covered pullman) in the preheated oven and set the timer for 20 min. In the mean time I was finishing up a book that was near impossible to put down. Wouldn’t you know, the alarm went off and I guess I was so engrossed in the book that it was ignored. After 1 1/2hr I smelled the bread baking and quickly removed it.

To my surprise the bread was not dry at all, although the crust was a tiny bit tough (which I liked). The slices are actually great tasting. It seems the covered pullman saved the day...

I estimate that about 150-200g of too much dough (TDW 1350g) for the large USA Pullman. I worried that as the dough expanded in the oven that the top and possibly the sides of my favorite bread pan would become distorted. But thankfully, that was not the case.

Notice below how the dough squeezed out of the sides at the cover.

Learning never ceases. Ain’t it great...

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Danny,  I have forgotten about a a loaf in the oven a time or two, yours came out better than mine. 

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I attribute that 100% to the closed and covered pullman pan. Otherwise it would have probably been cremated :-)

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I would have assumed it would be ruined. Thanks for reporting this accidental finding. 

The bread looks great. I may try over baking on purpose in my tiny pan. 

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That’s remarkable Dan, I never would have expected this loaf to be edible after that extended time in the oven.  Score one for the pullman pan!


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Crumb of an artisanal loaf with the practicality of a sandwich loaf. Might be the pan was over filled and the dough very liquid so it seeped out. Gave it more room to expand though and you got an excellent crumb. Light crumb and lovely dark crust. Lovely. 

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Danny, do you still shape your loaf for the Pullman, or will bulk-to-oven work?

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Uzbek, since this dough was set to BF for 16 hr @ 77F, this were slightly altered. 5e dough was hand mixed to incorporate, then 50 slap and folds or so were performed. The dough was left to start BF in a bulking container for 6 hr. Upon completion the dough was degassed and shaped by rolling up and placed in a covered pullman. It was baked after a 6 hr retard.

With most dough, it is shaped before the BF begins and left untouched until the bake is complete. Never had a fail using this technique .

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Love the crust!! Amazing it didn’t burnt.. another learning curve..

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Sometimes common knowledge just isn’t based on fact. Looks like a ice loaf.