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This week's bake - Aroma bread

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This week's bake - Aroma bread

@hanseata 's Aroma bread has been on my "need to bake" list for a while, and it seemed like a good time to give it a try. I scaled it down to make 1 loaf. My version: 

340 gm home milled spelt

107 gm home milled rye

57 gm medium grind cornmeal

67 gm mix of pumpkin and sesame seeds, toasted1 Tbsp poppy seeds

7 gm fine sea salt

1/4 tsp instant yeast

475 gm water

Baked in a small pullman pan with the lid on at 425F for 30 min, then lid off for another 25 min, to internal temp of 201F. Cooled in the pan for 5 min, then onto a wire rack for about 5 hours. And as per the comments, after it cooled completely, it was wrapped in plastic wrap and set aside until the next day. 

I decided to not use soaked wheat berries for this one, mostly because I didn't remember to start soaking them in time. I couldn't find whole coriander for the bread spice blend, so I used about half as much ground coriander. Since I had never tried it, I figured "why not". I think it over powered the other 2 just a bit, will use less next time. Oh my, sooooo good! My husband loved it!! I can see there will be more seeded breads and rye breads in our future. Oh and random discovery: poppy seeds apparently are not unlike glitter that comes on some greeting cards - it's amazing how far they both get around, lol. 




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Love me a good seeded bread, your’s looks great JKS.


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What spice/aromatic mix did you use?


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It's given in the linked post, as a starred footnote.  

I've been using it too -- toasting the whole seeds and then grinding.

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I tried the caraway and fennel seeds untoasted this time, but did put them through a coffee grinder we have dedicated for spices only. I'll try toasting them next time. The toasted (unsoaked) pumpkin and sunflower seeds with added poppy seeds are soooo good. 

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What was the aroma like then? Any particular ingredient which contributed more to the taste?

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I'm not the best at describing aromas. The coriander came through the strongest, in both taste and smell. I'm sure I just used a bit too much. The rest was a tantalizing mix of the caraway, fennel, and freshly baked bread. 

If you decide to make this, I found it beneficial to read through the comments. There were several really useful tips. And I was glad I scaled everything to make only 1 loaf. It allowed me to refine the bread spice combination to our preferences for future use.