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High protein flour in India

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High protein flour in India

Hi.. Just joined TheFreshLoaf.
Im a homebaker, from Bangalore,India.
Im on a journey to perfect my Croissants.. but in vain.. Ive made it so many times and have even become good with hand lamination
But fail to get a good honeycomb.
Ive tried youtube recipes from bruno albouse , weissman, anna olson, yuval, also read posts from Txbaker, have tried hamelman recipe, tuscan bakers recipe,
Dominique ansel, Read several blogs.. but I never get an open crumb.
Why? My guess is d flour.
Almost all recipes call for bread flour high in protein (11.5 - 13%)
Which is not easily accessible.
I add gluten to increase the %.
2.5gms for (11%) 100 gms flour
I use Vivatta premium maida.

Swissbake does only bulk sale, jose n twF are way too expensive!
I use president / elle & vire Butter for lamination.
Can someone help me with d best flour for Croissants in India!!
Highly appreciated!!
Thank you.

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This post may not have a direct answer, but it mentions a baker and a supplier that you could investigate for your solution:

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Thanks for reaching out, have already read this post.hasnt helped much though


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TWF Flours


I am Neelima. I am a Sourdough baker and I work with TWF as a Product Evangelist. 

The laminated dough requires a strong high protein flour and yes what you are facing is most probably a flour-related roadblock. Flour 8318 from the C-series bread flours by TWF flours is most recommended for croissants. 

We also have a range of strong bread flours including a whole wheat bread flour - Flour X. These are purpose crafted for different kinds of bread - starting from the soft sandwich, brioche, artisan, pizza but not limited to these. 

The results and working experience with the flours are exceptional. They are at par with their International equivalent flours but healthier and more fresh at the same time!

You can find more information on the range of flours at is the best place to buy our products but they are also available on Amazon India and PayTM.

I am happy to help in case you have any queries regarding our products or baking breads!