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How to push my rise without overproofing?

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How to push my rise without overproofing?

Hi there,

Thanks to a lot of TFL members I have been steadily tweaking and improving my SD loaves. 

I wonder if I am getting obsessed because I have developed 'small loaf syndrome'... every time I bake even if the taste is great (like today's white sourdough - pic attached).  I can't help but thinking I could get these bad boys a little taller... they seem a little flat on top.  Not so bothered about massive open crumb, just a little bit more height for my buck.  The top seems slightly flat...

I know my shaping can be improved, I find this one of the hardest bits to nail... is there anything else at play?

Any ideas welcome.  Thank you.


Stats on this loaf if it helps:

75% hydration and made with 90% Foricher organic white bread flour (12% protein) and 10% stoate's wholegrain spelt.  6% pre fermented flour (young levain).  1.5 hr autolyse. FDT 25degrees celsius.  brief 2-3min slap & fold.  6 S&Fs in bowl 3 x 15 mn intervals, 3 x 30mn intervals.  Total 4 hour bulk at 25degrees celsius.  12 night overnight cold retard.  My starter is 100% hydration half rye half all purpose starter and was refreshed 10 hours prior to making the young levain.