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Low carb (keto) starter?

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Low carb (keto) starter?

Hey all. I make regular bread for my family, but I can't eat it and that has been true for a while. I just started looking at some keto bread recipes made with yeast and that got me excited! I MISS eating yeasty bread!

But I know yeast can be tricky. So, I found this recipe: and an accompanying video showing how she made this bread (which she needed to add some commercial yeast to make it rise enough - which is also a common practice).

What do you all think? Is it possible to make yeast grow in a legume that is the RIGHT kind of yeast and not some toxic bubbly mix? I am just a dabbler and not an avid bread baker, so one of you all would probably know better than I would.

This is the video of how she makes her keto sourdough bread where you can also see the written directions in the comments of the video. I am really curious about this and I would love your thoughts on it!  I have a bunch of new ingredients in my shopping cart at two online stores to see if this works, but any feedback about safety, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it!


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I scanned the recipe,comments and video (I admit up front that I didn't in great detail). Something that caught my eye/ear is how the starter smells-like Hydrogen sulfide or rotten eggs. his made me wonder if the culture that develops might be related to another non-yeast bread raise- clostridium perfinges. This bacteria is what is cultured from corn meal for salt rising bread. It also happens to be a direct sibling of the bacteria that causes gas gangrene. BUT it has been used for centuries in bread making. There was a discussion a few years ago and some interesting links.

Try this  or  this,too  for a little research.