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Today's bake - 123 sourdough

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Today's bake - 123 sourdough

Today's bake - 123 sourdough. Recipe here

I scaled it to a little bigger loaf: 

150 gm levain

300 gm water

450 gm flour (400 gm KAF AP, and 50 gm freshly milled hard white spring wheat)

9 gm salt

Preheated oven and makeshift DO (our graniteware turkey roaster with a couple of small, rolled up damp towels) to 450F.

Baked lid on (damp towels still in place, with some space between them and the loaf, and the loaf was on parchment and wasn't touching the towels) for 25 min, then lid off and towels removed (with tongs) for another 30 min, internal temp 208. Not too shabby for a jury rigged setup, lol. ?

Crumb shot tomorrow..... 



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Very nice loaf, and it looks like a nice bloom and a crispy crust!  

Cheers to a fellow turkey roaster user!

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Beautiful loaf, nice ear and oven spring!

I usually use 2% salt, in this case that would be 10.5 grams considering the flour in the starter. Does it taste better with 9 gr?  I have never tried lower than 2%?

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You are right, that was a little miscalculation on my part. I forgot to include the flour from the levain. We haven't cut into it yet, will be having it with some soup for lunch later today.

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Nice loaf with a very attractive ear.  I love how caramelized the edge of the ear is, that part is always so tasty.


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A pleasant bread for pairing with soup today. It has a thin, still crisp crust and nice chew, and barely any tang. And the accidental reduction of salt (which wasn't much) didn't seem to be an issue.

I usually bake with a high percentage of whole grain flour, and my bread tends to have a fair amount of tangy goodness. Using mostly AP really made this loaf much more mild. I should remember this in case of company who doesn't care for sour flavors....